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           Phillip Ashley                                                           Chris Smithhisler                                                  Jennifer Sadler



"I have always viewed Tim as a sort of business "spiritual guru". He is highly adept as a brand strategist and marketing expert, but what differentiates Tim from others is his ethereal approach to guiding businesses to reach their full potential. Meeting with Tim is as much therapeutic as it is consultative. [He] understands that branding is about much more than just business, it's communicating with human beings." -- Phillip Ashley is a Chocolatier Chef, Entreprenuer and Community Leader in Memphis


"One thing that I always admire about Tim is his ability to capture and engage a room and quickly draw them into the topic at hand. He is passionate about helping organizations live their values and tell their story in an effective manner. Tim is a fun and confident professional that will leave any audience inspired and wanting to hear more." -- Chris Smithhisler, Director of Character Education, Tri Sigma Sorority


"Tim Nicholson is an inspiring speaker who is able to draw an audience in with a mixture of story and innovation. Tim's approach is both engaging and reflective, which has allowed my students and I to connect with the material he provides and utilize it outside of the classroom. His blend of resources and depth of knowledge makes him an expert, while his style of speaking makes him engaging. I would invite Tim to speak as often as I could and welcome his lessons to anyone at any point in their careers" -- Jennifer Sadler is an Entrepreneur and Marketing Communications professor at University of Mississippi.


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