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Be Like People

Be like people.

B2B messaging has finally begun to humanize.

It's starting to sound more like people.

But to be like people requires a little something more.

To *be* like people, you should *like* people.

The struggle corporate marketing communications has connecting with its audience is often rooted in one thing--they don't like people.

They like shareholder approval.

They like board egos to be pleased.

They like when the industry recognizes them.

They do what they do for all the above. And...

They do it for the numbers--bottom line, clicks, conversions.

They may even do it for *the* audience, but no one.

People is really a person.

One-to-one across the table.

When I was an on-air radio personality, I had a picture of the girl I liked taped to the microphone in front of me.

I spoke to her.

People would often say at live remotes or dance shows, "I feel like you're talking to me through the radio."

Maybe I was.

I'd speak to one even as the listeners grew to be many.

I liked people, even if it was mostly practiced toward a particular one.

Hey, one is a start.

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