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The items found here were once used to start a conversation from the home page of this site. Though not entire blogs, it's worth keeping up with them in case we need a reminder of where we've been.


(Sept, 2015) 
Having to start over doesn't mean you've failed. Sometimes it's just what your soul needs.

Some of us start over a little every day. We take something we learned the day before and use it to make the next day better. A potter sometimes walks away from the clay unsatisfied with a pot, returning to the wheel a day later to create a jar. He's doing something different with the same thing. A songwriter sometimes gets a melody but no verse. She lays down a nonsense lyric to keep the thought alive. Later a friend says something in passing that sparks the start of a chorus. She writes it on a napkin. That's how it goes. Everyone starts over. 

Are you starting over today unsure of how you'll do it? Try this. You don't HAVE to start over, you GET to start over. That's not hype. I've been there. I walked away from something upon realizing that it had peaked, but that I had not. You can too.


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